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Turgo for Advertisers

Activate, optimize and accelerate your video strategy with Turgo
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Video Advertising Experience. Transfomed.

Turgo is a video advertising company that specializes in working with independent and regional advertising agencies. We offer a full-service experience for video budgets includes native out-stream, vertical video, and pre-roll.

With 100% site-level transparency, robust targeting technology, and over 100,000 premium publishers, Turgo is here for all your digital video distribution needs.


We know that buying video advertising can be hard.

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Guarantee your audience

With Nielsen Digital Ad Rating and Turgo's DMP, you can ensure that the audience you are looking for is the audience you get. Turgo’s proprietary DMP has access to more than 450MM unique profiles for precise audience targeting. With data from more than 75,000 global campaigns, as well as leading third-party partners, you can rest assured that you have the data needed to optimize for success. Our DMP is refreshed every two months, guaranteeing the accuracy of every profile in our system.

Exclusive and premium placement

Our technology delivers premium video placements includes pre-roll, native out-stream and vertical video for mobile and we as well as exclusive content for live events. Host your video on our contextually relevant and high performing direct publisher network. Command an action on your video with custom overlays and one-click social shares.

Measure performance in real-time

The Turgo Self-Managed dashboard allows advertisers to access their campaign delivery and performance in real-time.

Turgo's dashboard offers site-level transparency, and the ability to blacklist. In addition ou eIQ tool, you can see how your audience is actually reacting to your ad; you'll know where your engagement points are in your ad, and be able to tweak future creatives to the emotion you're targeting.


We’ll integrate with any and every partner you need to drive ROI for your videos. With Turgo, you have access to additional layers of targeting, viewability, measurement and brand safety from the best in the business.


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